Creative Business Resources

Here’s a list of my current service providers for a creative business.  I’m an avid researcher and sometimes indecisive.  I like to learn as much as I can before making a decision if possible.  Sometimes, I get caught up in research and forget to move onto next stage of creative process.  As anything do your own research, choose what’s best for your needs and your budget.  After much research, these are the service providers I decided to use.  I only listed the ones I like working with.

Listed below are some of the resources I used sorted by subject.  Some links are affiliated links, thanks in advance if you decide to use my referral links at no cost to you.  They will help me continue to build on my practice.  These resources were what I felt that I needed to run my creative business.  Each case is different but I just wanted to share where I get my stuff from.  I’ll be adding more as I continue to grow my practice.



Hosting reviews –

Domain Registrar – Namecheap

Web Hosting – MDD Hosting


Payment Processing for Markets & Site:

Square – sign up and get a free reader

Online stores:

Etsy – visit here to get 40 free listings for new accounts

Big Cartel –


Marketing materials:

Business Cards – Jukebox

My second choice is for Printify option – different images per card


Fonts, illustrations