Wood Design Portfolio

My love for wood and paper stems from the time I spent sitting in trees during my childhood in the Philippines.  Here is a selection of my product designs over the years:


#workinprogress #lasercut Seafan light fixture model for some upcoming workshops. #lighting #light #designsforhappiness

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A woven ring of cherry veneer strips with an LED light strip running through.
Lumi (2012) is my second exploration in woven light structures. Woven from cherry strips, Lumi is a simpler and smaller cousin of Chiffon.
Lumi relies on an LED light strip as its source and uses only cherry veneer strips to form its shape.
Lumi is woven from Cherry veneer strips and an LED light strip.
Taken from the bottom angle, a hand is included to showcase the scale and shadows created by Chiffon
Another angle of Chiffon showcasing its scale and shadow patterns
Close up of Elaine Joy Roach award-winning Chiffon Light design. Several strips of veneer are woven together to create an organic ovoid.
Chiffon (2009) is a handwoven light structured and 2nd place winner OCADU Woodworks competition
Ciel (2008) is a ceiling tile product that uses wood discs to create natural interior environments
Ciel is made of various wood discs assembled together in a sheet to create natural walls.
A favourite among architects and interior designers, Ciel’s innovative use of wood discs joined together to create sheet materials inspired new applications of wood.
Made in 2008, a cedar and metal bench
Bench (2008) My first full scale furniture design, an outdoor bench completely handmade by myself.
Bench has curved steel bar legs that cross each other to create a very refined and modern bench design
A closer look at the curved steel bar legs
Fountain is a light fixture inspired by Japanese bamboo water garden fountains.
Fountain (2007) is my first exploration in light design. I wanted to explore how light waves are different from water waves.