Looking at loss from a far perspective, creating an empty space to express the grief of Elaine Joy Roach
“Loss” Feb 2016

Medium: Paper on Cardstock

Size: Approximately 8.5″ x 11″

Technique:  Paper Painting

Description:  A paper painting exploring the journey of grief from emotional wounds to the hope that they are now at peace.  This is dedicated to give solace to anyone who has also experienced loss.

This is completely made from a mixture of Japanese tissues, cardstock and natural papers.  I achieved different textures through ripping, creasing, cutting and layering.

No colouring or paints were used.

Paper painting of a fetus inside a human heart covered by a feather by Elaine Joy Roach
Close up detail of Elaine Joy Roach's paper painting Loss. Each feather strand measures at most 1 mm wide. The feather is blanketing the fetus contained inside a heart.
Each feather strand measures at most 1 mm wide.