Constantly Evolving

I’m a compulsive compassionate dreamer.

Hi! Thank you for stopping by. I’m Elaine Joy Roach (nee Macaranas) and trained as a product/service designer.  I enjoy the ability to create anything that comes to my mind.  In a world surrounded by artifacts, I wanted to add more meaning to our everyday objects or rethink the way we interact with things. I’m finally inspired to share my design evolution. I’m currently confirming permissions to post some of my past projects and hope to have them posted soon.  I have spent the last 5+ years focusing on my family.

After years of nurturing my children, I am now finally ready to re-enter the world of design.  I hope to build this site as a showcase of my capabilities and skills.  Currently, I’m starting-up a specialized stationery business, Treasured Paper, to share my love of paper.  I am translating my accumulated feelings from the last few years into cut paper art.  I am constantly evolving and I hope that my websites will present that to you.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and insights.  Join me on my journey to find my design space.

Thank you for your patience as I update my site and hope to see you soon.





Always helps to hear if my work connects with you.

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