File Submissions Grants / Contests Tips

I’ve been eyeing some deadlines lately and wanted a refresher on how to prepare my file submissions for grants & contests.  Just wanted to share these quick tips for any friends feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  Always follow the organizations instructions for submissions first.  If there isn’t a detailed instructions then use the guidelines I found from CARFAC Ontario.  You can read it in detail here or check out my summary below plus my tips.

All File Submissions:

  • Make your files PC-compatible (like .doc, .pdf, .jpeg)
  • Limit file sizes to be 500K (0.5 MB)
  • No powerpoints/presentations, zipped/compressed files, links (unless requested)
  • Be authentic in your text
  • Triple check everything – order, names, spelling


  • Images: 72 dpi resolution, max size 1024 x 768, RGB or sRGB colour only
  • Label with number, artist name and title (01 Artist Name Title.jpg etc)
  • Embed author metadata in your files (see more details)
  • Add watermark & flatten the image (see more details)
  • Never share print quality images or store them online
  • Start with the best – best image of best work


  • Choose only 1 video, max 5 min length
  • Make it playable across various players: Quicktime, RealPlayer, Shockwave, Windows Media Player / Flash
  • 1 video = 5 images; If they ask for 20 images max and you send a video, submit only 15 images + video

Just wanted to share this with you as a checklist before you submit your files.  Do you do anything differently when submitting your files? Let me know if you want more details or anything I may have missed in the comments.  Hope this helps you in getting that grant or winning that contest. Good luck on your file submissions!

Much love,



Always helps to hear if my work connects with you.

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