Finding my creative ignition

Creative Ignition

Thanks to an insightful York Region Arts Council Artrepreneur session (*hugs* Samantha) with the wonderful @jted – my brain has been stewing over many questions about myself.  My creative ignition is a work in progress.  Giving myself time to reprocess and digest until the perfect words come.  Here’s a sample of one exercise that has undergone several edits:

I am an inherently caring, sincerely authentic, and obsessively innovative.

(after conversing with my husband)

I am a compassionate, dreamer, and obsessive.


I am an obsessive compassionate dreamer.


(after waking up)

I am a compulsive compassionate dreamer.


His anecdote about his wife truly resonated with me as I am undergoing that exact stage of change.  Leaving behind the mommy bubble and re-entering the world of creatives – I find myself fascinated, apprehensive, insecure and excited.

The main “do” that I had to conquer after last night was to “reconnect” my past and present values; the divergent parts of myself (mother, artist, designer, writer) and assemble them into something coherent – me.  I got home and tried to face everything that I procrastinated about – emailing an organization I was too shy to contact regarding permissions, begin to update my designs for happiness portfolio, etc.  I even read some of my old tweets and insights.  Its amazing how if you are truly authentic – your values never really deviate no matter what stage of life you are in and that your true purpose/mission may be revised and reworded but your essence stays the same.

Just a sincere thanks to @jted, I’ve now given myself the freedom to reconnect the two sides of myself and awakened an even stronger #creativeignition.


Be inspired everyday – look, read, listen, watch and grow.


(Ok now to read the technical stuff and relearn how to do some of the stuff I’ve put on hold for so long.)



Always helps to hear if my work connects with you.

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