3 lessons in keeping my sanity

Hi friends!  I know its been awhile since I posted.  Good news is I’m ready to rock and share my adventures in trying to make this practice fly.  After a few years, I finally found a schedule that works for me and my priorities and still maintain my sanity.  Yes that means I plan to blog more too!

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Copyright Elaine Joy Roach, 2018

Tip#1 Be gentle with yourself

Yes, I know you have so much things to finish and do.  But you aren’t going to do yourself any favours by doing everything at once.  Many of us demand a lot from us and ask why are we so stressed.  We do it to ourselves by having high expectations and endless demands.  Yes you are fully capable but it doesn’t say anywhere that you need to do it all at once.  What I could accomplish pre-kids isn’t possible for me now, I’ve learned (the hard way) to let those expectations go.

Tip#2 Make time for everything

When I first started, I was barely sleeping and skipping meals.  All I wanted to do was create and create.  Set a schedule for all parts of your life.  If you don’t give yourself time to do something, it won’t get done.

I was too busy with the girls and trying to create that yes I neglected the house.  Let’s not even talk about the associated guilt of being a messy home.

Once I made more time for things that I’ve neglected, my to do list started to shrink.  I’ve been promising myself to have my online store ready since I started, well now I just finished it enough to be worth promoting.  I still need to remind myself to stop working sometimes but I feel more human and less stressed.


Done is not perfect quote art with hand cut letters mounted on silkscreened paper
Copyright Elaine Joy Roach, 2018

Tip#3 Focus on getting things done not perfect

Lastly, I began to accept that being done is more important than perfect.  I’ll always strive to improve and learn.  Yet, the peace of mind from accepting what you could accomplish with the time given is irreplaceable.   I’m more calm and inspired.   I’m even starting a side creative project with my family – more news on that next time.

So to my friends and fellow creative, it don’t matter what stage you are in life.  Please be gentle with yourself, make time for everything, and focus on getting done not perfect.  You might not get where you want to go faster but I know your days will be brighter and more enjoyable.  I’d love to hear what mantra’s do you use in your daily life.

Much love,


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