My Blogging Mistakes As Lessons

A friend recently told me that she started blogging.  It made me think of when I first started blogging.  I couldn’t even remember when I first started.  So I looked up my old email account at blogspot, and spent some hours rereading my old posts.

I started blogging back in 2008.  Back then I was in 2nd year university, we were told that blogging was key for our careers.  Being a private person, I wasn’t sure what to write about.  So like many first time bloggers, I treated my blog as a mini diary.  My entries were almost twitter short.  I could tell that I was uncomfortable.  So based on my blogs from 2008 to now, I compiled a small list of things to consider when you blog.

Lesson #1 Be authentic

Write about things that matter to you.  Why are you writing a blog?  To share your knowledge, story or entertain people?  Your readers are smart and will know when you are being fake.

Lesson #2 Know who you are writing for

Find out who your readers are.  If you don’t have many, who do you want to be reading your blog.  Other creatives? There are many tools and resources to help you.  You can create a persona (your ideal user/visitor/buyer type)survey with Survey Monkey, or use a web traffic tool. Google “your niche” blog and you can find other examples out there.  If you know what’s important to your readers, it will help you…

Lesson #3 Write relevant & great content

Write about things that are of value to your readers.  Some readers are looking to educate themselves, find inspiration or courage to try something or see the world from someone else’s eyes.

For example, I admire my friend’s time management, ability to keep her house in order and how she always finds the best deals for stuff.  She is also a trained early educator.  So I always like to listen to her advice about parenting or just other childhood development stuff that we as parents like to worry about.  I believe if she wrote about the things that she’s amazing at; she won’t ever run out of content to write about.

Now if you feel your writing skills are not up to par yet.  That’s okay.  You can take courses, some libraries offer free online ones.  I know that Markham Public Library does.  You can also just write random things in medium.  By the way, I’ll be releasing my old creative writing work in medium quite soon.

Lesson #4 Commit & Be Consistent

I started so many blogs at different points of my life.  I wish I just stuck with one and kept it active.  Now that I’m focused, I will commit to this content schedule below.

  • Tuesday Tips for running a creative business on my blog
  • Wednesday Work In Progress on Instagram 
  • Thursday Throwback Photos/Writing on Instagram or Medium
  • Friday Finished Work Updates on my blog

I wanted to try and add Monday to the mix but real life demands make it hard for me at the moment.

Lesson #5 Promote your Content

Don’t be shy! Share your new post on all your social media channels.  There’s so much great content out there.  No one will know about yours if you don’t share it first.  Connect with people you feature (ping) and they may share your post.  Email your subscribers and if needed run an ad on Facebook.

Lesson #6 Build an Email List

You can organically grow your email list.  You can attend events and hand out business cards or collect emails in person.  I’ve also done the tell someone new everyday about your blog/business/site.  Ask them to share it if they like it.  Be proud of what you have and don’t be afraid. has a great in-depth advice on getting your first 10,000 subscribers.

I’ve yet to try them all but I wanted to point you in the right direction.

Lesson #7 Have fun with blogging!

Even though my wrist is hurting a bit and my youngest is under the weather, I still managed to write this post for you.  I’m enjoying blogging again.  I feel like I’m writing to my friend about things that can help them.

I love to help when I can.  I hope you find this post helpful when you are thinking about blogging or just started a new blog.  Tell me about your blogging mistakes.  What lessons have you learned from your experience?





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