My Story

Hi! I’m Elaine Joy Roach, a paper artist and product designer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My educational journey began with becoming an environmental scientist to architect and finally decided on being a product designer. My inspirations come from nature, people and emotions. I studied Industrial Design at Ontario College of Art & Design University to learn how to make anything that came into my head. I grew up with an avid maker mom (seamstress, knitter & crocheter). She taught me the value of making things by yourself. We had limited resources growing up and I learned to cherish well-made meaningful objects.

I have been collecting beautiful papers and stationery since I was little. First I started with a few sheets then into one drawer and now fills a whole cabinet. I was saving them until I could use them to make something special.

Elaine Joy Roach making papers in high school.
Making papers in high school.

All through design school, I tried to incorporate paper into my models and designs. I even dream of designing a paper chair. I love paper so much, I even took extra courses on bookbinding and printmaking exploring more ways to work with paper. My talent, hard work and dedication was recognized with various awards and grants during university including a full scholarship. Shortly after graduating, I started a family. I spent the next few years wholeheartedly dedicating my energies on two little girls. I would use any occasion to use my creative talents. Now that my daughters are in school, I am now able to create more.

I’m drawn to well made acid-free beautiful papers. I love handmade papers the most but will work with machine made acid free papers. I like knowing where my papers come from and who made them. I want to support the talented papermakers who continue such long standing traditions of paper making and respect the environment.

I love to work with various kinds of papers from tissues, decorated, card stock and artists papers. To create imagery, I combine various papers for their colours, translucencies and texture. I like to challenge myself to create something difficult out of something so fragile like paper.

I began slowly using my “special papers” to create art and stationery in 2016. My first products for Treasured Paper were intricate envelope seals for weddings and planner stickers. I would transform beautiful papers and turn them into stickers by hand and then draw various designs to create fancy shape stickers. My girls and I love stickers and figured everyone loved them as much as we did.

Samples of Treasured Paper stationery used as embellishments on packaging and envelopes
Treasured Paper Artisan Seals & Stickers

At first, I wasn’t sure if people would like my style after years of being away from the hubbub. Every show I was at, people were more interested in my paper art. I began to focus more on making artwork and fulfilling commissions. I would do a few local shows with friends and doodle on card blanks. My hand drawn cards sold out at every market. I even received custom requests for hand drawn cards. I used all the shows and markets as a chance to learn and improve.

Happy & relieved smiles after my first community event

By making more products, joining more shows, and sharing my work with more people, my confidence in my work grew. I finally got over that uncertainty and decided to open my online stores in April 2018. In between art projects, I create handmade paper goodies by a paper artist for paper lovers.

2017 Christmas Market Display

My Treasured Paper range from bookmarks, handmade cards, envelope seals / stickers, hand cut ornaments, labels, DIY kits, planner stickers, paper cut art, paper paintings (modern collage), paper sculptures and custom artwork. I plan to introduce some new products that utilizes my printmaking experience later this year.

I love it when people share with me how much my creation touched them. Knowing that I create something so meaningful, gives me the courage and energy to keep creating. I hope that you enjoy my creations as much as I cherish my papers.

Thanks for dropping by and happy day!