Paper Artist & Product Designer

Hi! I’m Elaine and I craft small treasures from beautiful papers.  I’m a paper artist and product designer.  I manipulate beautiful paper into cuttings, paintings and sculptures.

I use my offcuts and scraps to make paper stickers, cards and fun stationery.  I love the texture of different handmade papers and how they can enhance anything.

I hope that my art and stationery brighten up your day or someone special to you.  I thrive on making meaningful gifts – contact me if you want to make a lasting gift to be treasured.

Interested in connecting? drop me a note at

My love affair with paper

My love for paper began with one package of beautiful Japanese papers, saved for special uses only.  One package turned into one drawer then a dresser full.  Now my collection is stored in a filing cabinet.

My paper journey includes paper making, printmaking, bookbinding and fiber arts.  As you can see me and paper have had a thing for a long time.  I’ve decided to fuse all my knowledge of paper and techniques into being a paper artist.  I also count hand-weaving, woodworking, and food creation among my passions.  My home and studio is in Markham, Canada.  Presently, caring for my family limits my studio time to late-night sessions and crack of dawn mornings.

Since my graduation from OCADU (Ontario College of Art and Design University), I am creating again at a much slower pace.  In between creating art pieces, I also accept private commissions, custom gift orders and make playful stationery.