Snowman Sticker Sets

2 snowmen sticker set finished samples
Ella & Nina’s Snowmen completed

Just before the holidays, I made some snowman sticker sets for Ella’s classmates.  Below is a picture of the finished stacks, I used white vellum and unryu red tissue to make small envelopes and recycle red folder tags for labels.

Snowman kits in red and white envelopes with red tags
Snowman kits in their custom envelopes and labels


Included in the kit was Snowman body, 3 black buttons, green scarf, two eyes, smile made of coal, orange nose and the black top hat.  I had set aside one day to prepare these gifts.  As expected, I also made extras for my daughters Ella and Nina.  I hope that Ella’s classmates enjoyed making the snowmen as much as my daughters did.


Contents of snowman kit, snowman body, hat, 3 buttons, scar, carrot, eyes and coal smile
Contents of the Snowman Kit

Always helps to hear if my work connects with you.

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