Wow It’s September, show time!

Sorry, I realized that I haven’t posted anything since my Artrepreneur graduation in late July.  If my intentions could have just typed their own posts.

Progress has been good but a bit slow.  I’ve done so much researching, testing, ideating, and fixing in the past few weeks.

5 Great news:

  1. I’ll be participating in at least one fair/show from September to January.  I’m awaiting for confirmations on the later ones.

Treasured Paper collection of golden knot stickers and sacred symbolsCome join me at Etsy Made in Canada at Artscape Youngplace on Sep. 24 and find the perfect gift for that paper lover in your life.  Treasured Paper is artisan made, authentic paper stickers without the plasticky feel.  Images are made through expert manipulation of various papers in their original colours – no printing or painting.  Feel the difference of quality paper goods.

I’m so intent on getting products ready for the show.  I haven’t finished their listings to my online shop.  I’m only making one of each design for the fair.  If you see something you love, contact me and I’ll create a listing for you.


2. I’ve started to test online marketplaces SaatchiArt for my art and prints.  As for my stationery, I started with Etsy but I think I need to try other shops as well.  I will probably test to see the best place for me after the bustle of September & October.

elainejoyroach_flowercollage3. October 1 – I’ll be hosting a paint with paper workshop at the Varley Art Gallery.  I’m proud to say that I organized this event with a group of graduates from Artrepreneurs.  I’m grateful that they were willing to join me in this crazy idea for Culture Days and that we found such a wonderful space.  There’s only two spots left for my workshop, so register here before space is all gone.

4. I’m working on a new art piece for a joint show at TAVES Jolt! Gallery.  Just three hints:

a. there will be gold

b. nature theme, of course

c. personal favourite

I will unveil my latest piece at the Consumer Electronic Show.  With a strict timeline to have this done right after two of my first major events in years, I may not be able to capture most of my process on video.  The layout, composition, colours, and papers have already been selected.  I just need to finalize one element or go with the knife’s flow.

5.  I found more new paper resources and information – which I hope to blog about soon.  Its so exciting to see how many people express themselves in paper.  I’d love to document my discovery of the paper art world, resources and techniques.  They all deserve their own post and will share soon.

I’m feeling productive, effective, more patient, tired but excited for the months ahead.  Don’t forget to sign up with my newsletter, so I can share more with you.

Much love,









Always helps to hear if my work connects with you.

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