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Lost in cutting. Alone time with paper and pen knife.

Hi! My name is Elaine Joy Roach and I am the creative force behind Treasured Paper.  I’m a paper artist and product designer based in Toronto, Canada. My inspirations come from nature, people and emotions. I work predominantly with paper, but includes hand-weaving and woodworking among my passions. I craft beautiful papers into treasured art.

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Artist Statement

Daily observations, life experiences, historical events and other forms of art inspire me. A small detail on a dress, a phrase in a conversation and a line in a song can set off my creative investigation. My imagination plays with this detail and builds a world around it. Once the world in my mind is built, I proceed to research testimonials and study photos in attempts to understand and absorb the emotions of each story. I believe that emotions are universal. I find that emotions are quite complex and require much cultivation to see its different colours. My heart paints the image and my mind sharpens the lines until the image is clear. If I can grab hold of the viewer’s heart with my work, then my intent becomes clear. The voice inside me withholds sleep until I accomplish my work.

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